Monday, July 23, 2007

Pastor's Wife

At Calvary Chapel Marysville, Pastor Dave doesn't have "topical" sermons, but teaches verse by verse through the Bible. But yesterday, instead of turning to Revelation 3, he had us turn to Leviticus where it describes the anointing of the hight priest. Then he had us turn to 2 Corinthians 4 where Pastor Dave taught about the attributes of a pastor. Pastor Dave took a "side trip" from our regular teaching in Revelation to these other passages because yesterday was a special day.

Yesterday, my husband was ordained as a Calvary Chapel Pastor and I became a pastor's wife.

I had a hard time sitting through worship because I was anxious. Anxious to see what this ordaining thing was all about. I was nervous for Chris because I knew he wanted this day to not be about him but to glorify the Lord. I was nervous for myself because I didn't know if Pastor Dave was going to have me stand in front of our entire fellowship.

When worship was over and Pastor Dave began his message, I relaxed a little. His teaching was about the attributes of being a pastor but it was things that the fellowship needed to hear, also. Attributes that we can all develop in our lives.

I relaxed even more when Pastor Dave called Chris up to ordain him. Then I got a little nervous when Pastor Dave brought out the anoiting oil because I thought he was going to dump it on Chris' head and I didn't want his shirt ruined. But then I settled down when Pastor Dave dabbed some oil on his fingers and anoited Chris' forehead and began one of the most beautiful prayers I have heard. I couldn't fold my hands and close my eyes. I turned my body to get a better view, rested my hands in my lap, and watched as my husband was anoited a pastor, just like Aaron would have done it:

First his forehead - so all his thinking can be for God's glory.
Then his right thumb - so all he does can be for God's glory.
Then his right big toe - so God is glorified everywhere he goes.

Pastor Dave then called some men from our fellowship to come forward and lay hands on Chris and continued the prayer.

Somewhere during that prayer, my oldest son Joshua rubbed my arm. When I turned to look at him, he gave me a smile that told me "that's my dad!" He then grabbed my hand and held it. As I was clutching his hand, Pastor Dave called me up. I paused for a moment because I didn't want to let go of Joshua and I didn't want the focus to change. I smiled at Pastor Dave, gave Joshua's hand a little squeeze and walked up to stand next to my husband. I looked at Chris and as he smiled at me, he put his arm around me. And with that, Pastor Dave opened up the prayer to the fellowship. I felt very humbled and was very touched as I listened to the prayers of our brothers and sisters.

When the final Amen was said, Chris and I walked back in awe to our seats. I was and am amazed at God and how He can take an ordinary carpenter and his wife and use them in His service.

So now, I am a pastor's wife. My prayer is that I can live up to this title and that God may be completely glorified in all I do while I carry it.