Friday, October 07, 2005

Walk With Me

A couple of years ago, we had some friends over one Sunday afternoon. We had just finished a wonderful meal together and we were sitting on the couch comparing our full tummies. My friend, Debbie, came up with what she thought was a fantastic idea.

"We need to work off some of this food. Let's take a walk!"

I just laughed at her. "No thank you."

"Oh, come on."

I looked her square in the face and told her in no uncertain terms: "I hate walking."

It is that simple. I hate to go for walks. It's not my thing. I won't do it.

Do you know what I started doing on Monday? I started walking. After I get home from taking my kids to school, I get my walking shoes on and walk around the neighborhood.

When I am walking, I can hear the river rushing and I take a look around. I see God's wonderful creation. I look up and see a beautiful blue sky dotted with white puffy clouds. I look around and see trees with red and orange leaves. I look down and see little creatures that only God knows why He put them on earth.

This leads me to say a little pray of forgiveness for not appreciating God's world more. This leads me to say a pray of thanks to God for letting me live in such a wonderful area. This leads me to say a prayer for my family. This leads me to say a prayer for my friends. This leads me to say a prayer for situations in my life. Finally, when I reach my house, I say a prayer of thanks for giving me the blessing of being able to take a walk.

Walk with me. You never know where it will lead.