Thursday, June 08, 2006

Me, Homeschool?

What is he thinking?

When we started attending Calvary Chapel, I had never met so many homeschoolers in my life. I thought they were all crazy. Why do that when there are so many schools out there. I was the odd man out. This was something you would never catch me doing and I flatly refused to homeschool. Ever!

Today I was looking through our photo album and found pictures of Joshua on his very first day of school. He looked so cute in his brand new school clothes, with his lunch packed and his back pack.

There was just no question that our boys would attend school.

Now, however, that question has been raised in our home. Because of some circumstances, my wonderful husband has decided that it is the best interest of our children to homeschool them.

It took me a while to digest this decision. At first, I just blew him off thinking he was playing a joke on me. After more discussion, I realized this was a true option for him.

Did he ever consider me in the equation? In the beginning, I didn't think so. When I had calmed down, I realized that, of course, he had considered me and thought me able enough to teach his children. I'm sure much prayer had gone into his decision and he felt certain God would equip me.

I can see the beginning of that equipping. He has surrounded me with a wonderful support group of friends, who, at a moments notice, are there to help me. All it takes is a phone call. (Thanks so much, Shannon, Jennifer, Fran and Kari!)

Every other day, I still ask Chris what he is thinking. And I still cry when I get overwhelmed. This is a reminder to bring it to God and talk it over with Him. And when I do, I can see His hand is in it because just a few short years ago, this was something I refused to do. And today, I'm moving ahead at full steam with God guiding me every step of the way. Because with God, everything is possible.


At June 13, 2006 6:11 AM, Blogger shannon said...

Cora, I am so impressed with you--and I know you're going to be fine. You can do this. Don't let yourself be overwhelmed. The blessed truth is that you only have to do it one day at a time. :)

This is a chance to deepen your relationship with the boys even further. When the kids went to MT, I really missed them during the day. I'd been accustomed to seeing them so much more that it felt odd to miss out on so much they were doing. (Of course, I learned how to fill those hours. :)

Don't worry a bit. We'll all walk through this with you.

At July 25, 2006 12:12 PM, Blogger Christabelle said...

You're gonna do great Cora! God never calls us to something for which He doesn't first equip us!


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